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Manage flashcards for tests and study projects.
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Create flashcards for self-education, testing, and learning. Work with a suite for generating projects visualized as old-fashioned physical cards, add and edit materials, configure the display and management of data, etc. Build cards suitable for printing.

Flashcards are a great study tool. With StudyCards, you can count on acing all your tests, while eliminating paper and ink waste. StudyCards is much more easily organized than old fashioned flashcards, is much more user friendly than other electronic flashcards, and protects you against the risk of snapped rubber bands. Editing goes from a hassle to a breeze, and you can do much more than with plain notecards and ink. You can study on your computer, even in full screen. If you have more than one device, then this is even better for you, as cards can be stored in iCloud, making them available everywhere.

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