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A customizable micromolecular display screensaver.
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Display protein structures on the screen of your Mac. Access the National Center for Biotechnology Information's protein databases to display the visuals recreated authentically from actual data. The module automatically annotates, colors, and rotates content.

Structure is a protein / macromolecule visualization tool that runs as a screensaver module. It colorfully renders PDB (Protein Data Bank) files using unique algorithms. The module automatically annotates, colors, and rotates structures for an educational and captivating display. Show off your research or simply enjoy this entrancing introduction to structural biology!
Never get bored - automatically downloads new structures from the Protein Data Bank archive.Have a favorite protein? Structure can load files from a folder of your choice.Clear and informative rendering - transparent wireframes effectively differentiate and highlight ligands and heterogens.Text overlay provides additional details about each structure.Fast OpenGL rendering means low processor usage.

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