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Free Bookmark sharing application that works with iPhone/iPad/Android.
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Stock It is a Windows/MacOSX application to share bookmarks with Stock It Viewer that runs on the iPhone/iPad/Android. Bookmark management has been a longtime problem for internet users. It has been faced with inflation and mess problems like an obstinate disease. Why it remains unsolved? The answer is simple. Users are not aware of the knack that bookmarks should be divided into two groups... (No.1)Well-organized steady bookmarks (No.2)Temporary "mixture of wheat and chaff" bookmarks (No.2) seems to be a little thing but is an important thing especially when searching for something in the internet space. Almost all people except skillful users manage (No.1) and (No.2) together in their browser. It is the major cause of inflation and mess problems. Stock It could be one of the (No.2) solutions. Yes, "The Second Bookmark Manager". When you find an interesting web site, drag and drop the browser's icon on the address bar into Stock It. Its URL is saved as a bookmark. It might be a great number in case of gathering information. By clicking the cloud-shaped button the bookmark lists are saved as cloud data inside Google Docs. For security reason the cloud data is encrypted even though Google Docs itself is guarded by id and password. The cloud data can be shared with mobile devices using Stock It Viewer. It runs on iPhone, iPad and Android, and covers most mobile users. For example, you'll be able to gather information at your office or home, then read it on the move. Stock It's reminder is an unique function for this kind of applications. You can set reminders to each bookmark not to forget it. Once you set the reminder, it will send a email or SMS to you on the date-time you set. This function uses Google Calendar. But please note that some users of Google Calendar claims its unsteadiness, so there might be some attention before use Google Calendar. Reference information is written in the FAQ in the Egg-On-Egg Corporation's web site.



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