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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an image recovery software.
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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an image recovery software. It allows you to scan your hard drives to find images and other multimedia files that may have been recently deleted or otherwise lost. If any file is found, then you can recover it back to any folder on your system.

The main window shows three buttons "Data recovery", "Resume recovery" and "Create Image". The first button takes you to the actual data recovery module. This part of the app scans your hard drives and finds any recently deleted files. You can of course specify which hard drive you want to scan. Apparently, this app lets you start a scan and then pause it and resume it. The second button, "resume recovery" is how you resume your scans. The third button lets you create an image of your hard drives or segments of them which you can later use to scan for deleted files.

In my testing, I started a scan of my secondary hard drive. Different folders appeared on the top-left part of the screen, which told me that certain files with those extensions or in those formats were found. I didn't let the scan complete, because it was going to take forever (I was scanning a big hard drive). So I stopped it and I went through the list of found files. I couldn't preview any of them, and to recover them I was told that I needed to register the app.

In short, with these apps, you have to first download them and test them to see if they work for you. In my case, since I couldn't preview any of the files, I wouldn't know if it works or not.

JF Senior editor
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  • Advanced scan options
  • Filtering options
  • It can resume scans


  • I couldn't preview any files when I tested it



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