Get Backup 2 RE

Get Backup 2 RE

Get Backup 2 RE is a backup and synchronization tool by Belight Software.

Get Backup 2 RE is a backup and synchronization tool by Belight Software. It comes packaged with Roxio's Toast Titanium - that is how I first heard of it. The application itself couldn't be more basic, but it does work like a charm for backing up folders and files in your system.

By default, Get Backup 2 RE knows how to backup your Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto, Mailbox and Documents. Those are all system folders that get simply copied to a different location when you back them up. You can also select any folder on your system and Get Backup will also back it up. After a back-up job has been established, you can then restore the backup at any time, which copies the files over to the original folder.

All backup jobs can be personalized a little. You can change the backup type to incremental, versioned, or full, and enable or disable compression. You can also tell the app to filter out certain files or folders. There is a scheduling feature as well.

The other major feature is folder synchronization. With this feature, you can make sure that two folders in your system remain synchronized over time. This means that every change in one folder will be reflected in the other. A great use for this is making sure that your documents always get copied to your flash drive. Scheduling also can be enabled to this feature.

There isn't a limit on the number of backup or synchronization tasks that you can create.

RE in Get Backup 2 stands for Roxio Edition. The latest version of Get Backup 2 is 3.2. However, this RE version, the one that comes with Roxio is the latest, at 2.27. You can either get version 2.27 with Roxio's Toast Titanium 10, or version 2.3.2 at Belight's website:

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