Steam 1.2

Steam is a software store, launcher, and community interface.

Steam is a software store, launcher, and community interface. Though relatively new to the Mac, it has already established itself as a viable alternative to the Mac App Store and Game Center with its stronger vetting process, cross-platform compatibility, and more. Non-game software and an immersive 3D interface ("Big Picture") were also recently introduced.

The capabilities of Steam are vast, from voice chat with friends to a game inventory market using real money. With Greenlight, users can get involved in choosing which new games to add to the Steam Store, and player-created content is available at the Workshop. In-game achievements can be compared with friends, groups, or the community at large, and game-related media you create can be shared. Discussions, statistics, and the online store perennials of a wishlist and recommended purchase list are available through Steam as well. All this is ignoring the primary function of Steam, which is to launch the software itself! The applications you've added, whether through Steam purchases, code redemptions, or a link to an application on your hard drive, can be launched and categorized in the Library section.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Central hub for launching Steam and non-Steam apps alike
  • Exclusive deals on cross-platform purchases for great titles
  • Rapidly expanding Mac and non-game sections


  • Library organization is limited to single-category system
  • Very few free applications available
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