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Explore the solar system and night sky in a beautiful and accurate real-time simulation.
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Star Chart lets you explore the solar system and night sky in a beautiful and accurate real-time simulation.
Delight in exploring the solar system, from the Sun to the smallest moons of Saturn and out to the coldest, darkest, farthest reaches of Pluto. Gaze down and marvel at our solar system from above. Look up in wonder at the rings of Saturn. Feel the awe of floating in space around worlds no human has yet set foot on. Understand how the constellations of our night sky are made up of stars distant to each other in both space and time. Embrace the impossible distances of our solar system and the inordinate scale of our universe. Star Chart Currently Includes: An accurate real-time simulation of the visible stars and planets as you see them from Earth Accurately depicts all the stars and constellations of the northern and southern hemispheres A 3D solar system to explore, including the Sun, the planets, major moons and more A Sky View mode that recreates your view of the night sky from your own GPS coordinates All 88 constellations based on the beautiful artwork of 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius IAU Named rocky planet surface details.
What better way to learn about the night sky and astronomy than to immerse yourself as a virtual astronaut travelling through space. This experience is the perfect way for both the young and old to let their inner child experience the thrills of embracing the final frontier.


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