StanzaReader 1.02

StanzaReader is a large-font reader for people with impaired vision
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StanzaReader is a large-font reader for people with impaired vision. The application uses Mac OS X's text-to-speech engine to read text files on your Mac. It also displays the text stanza by stanza; in other words, by parts. This helps users follow the text quite easily, because they both listen to it and they read it in huge letters.

The graphical user interface is composed of a big black space where your text is displayed, a slider with which you can set the font size, and some buttons at the bottom. Those buttons let you load a file, start reading, stop reading, access the voice preferences, and establish which paragraph and line you want the app to read to you.

One great thing about this app is that it has hotkey support. By simply pressing the Return key when the app is active, a new stanza will be read and displayed on the screen. If you want the app to stop reading, you can press Command + ".".

In short, StanzaReader is a very simple and free application that should be of some use for users with impaired vision.

José Fernández
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