SSHKeychain 0.8

Painless ssh key management for Mac OS X.
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On Demand
You no longer have to cancel your ssh request because you forgot to load your keys.
Because SSHKeychain acts as a gateway between you and the agent, it can automatically add keys when you need them. SSH will just pause for a few seconds, and you'll be on your way.

Apple Keychain Integration
SSHKeychain integrates with the Apple Keychain. All key passphrases can be stored, and you can use all your keys just by unlocking the Keychain.

(Portable) Safety
Options have been implemented to keep your SSH keys safe from harm. Keys can be automatically removed when your computer goes to sleep, when the Apple Keychain is locked, or when your screensaver kicks in.

Tunnel Support
SSHKeychain can also forward local ports over a ssh connection. Tunnels can be launched automatically when your keys are loaded, or from a menu item.

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