Super Smash Flash it is very similar to the real Super Smash Bros.
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This latest release of SSF2 is packed with content updates to make the game feel a lot more like an extension of the real Smash series!

Main Features:

-5 new characters, including Ness and Goku!
-Many new stages, including Saturn Valley and Jungle Hijinx!
-Hazards added to some stages
-Tons of new items, including Assist Trophies and Cuccos.
-More menu screen updates! (And also updated credits screen)
-Basic keyboard control functionality added to Character Select screen
-More intelligent AI!
-Feature Switch added! (To turn on and off Stage Hazards)
-All pre-existing characters completely redesigned with balanced gameplay in mind!
-Results Screen added for the end of matches!
-Kirby hats added to (almost) every animation!
-Damage Counters revamped!
-Ability to take in-game snapshots added to the pause screen! (Click the camera in the top left.)
-Several pre-existing stages updated with new sprites and/or features!
-Most characters given 2 or 3 taunts! (Neutral Taunt, UpDown Taunt and Side Taunt are the available ones)
-New shields, and icons that point at off-screen players!
-Harmless background characters added to several stages.
-VERY large amount of bug-fixes.

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