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Professional and powerful picture viewing software.
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SSee is a professional and powerful picture viewing software. Apart from conventional functions, SSee provides 5 viewing modes, and many cool and fantastic special-effects for picture viewing. The present picture will disappear gradually while the next one is appearing with special-effects. You are free to decide whether to show the special effect during the appearance and disappearance of the picture. With SSee, you can show the products pictures directly without making a slideshow.
Key Features:
- Support more than 30 major formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, GIF, HDR, PICT, MNG etc.
- Support more than 20 kinds of effects(newly supported effect features will be added in the free software upgrading)
- One or multiple effects can be set, and the effect show list could be saved as file
- The parameters and display time for each effect can be set.
- Support effect shows in sequence or at random
- The pictures in the folders can be displayed in thumbnail, detail, coverflow, cube or sphere
- Enable users to create new folder, copy, delete, rename, encrypt, decrypt files and folders
- Support change the color of folders
- Support fast search files and folders
- Support fast display of large pictures
- Support autoplay, the play interval can be set
- Support four kinds of picture displaying modes including: actual size, fit window, fit width, fit height
- Display the zoom ratio, width, height, color bit per display pixel of the picture
- You can set the desktop wallpaper with fit window, center, or stretch type
- You can customize the user interface. The background, transparency and color of the windows can be set
- Support keyboard shortcut
- Support full screen
- Support file association
- Support send email with one or multiple pictures
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