Rasco Image Resizer

Rasco Image Resizer 1.1

For picture mass resizing images stored in a directory.
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Rasco Image Resizer is a powerfull tool for mass processing of pictures stored in the directory. It utilizes a RAPID technology (Resize All Pictures In a Directory) which aims for development tool that rapidly encreasy work eficency. Features: 1. Pictures resizing, 2. Automatic picture rotation according to EXIF information (if presented in the picture), 3. Picture water marking. User can easily specify a relative position of the water mark. 4. Recursive as well as non-recursive processing. 5. Batch processing of all pictures in the selected directory or even (if wanted) all subdirectories. 6. Settings memory - at the start of the application all is automatically exactly the same as it was when user left it.

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