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Chromium-based web browser with enhanced privacy and security options.
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SRWare Iron is a free web browser based on Google's Chromium core. It's very similar to Google Chrome browser in terms of its look and functionality. SRWare Iron aims to eliminate tracking information and other privacy-compromising features that Google Chrome includes.

Google's browser Chrome is often critiqued by data protection specialists for the amount of information that it sends back to Google about your online habits. Many users consider it a violation of their privacy. SRWare Iron is a good alternative when it comes to security and privacy. Iron is a browser based on the Chromium source code, offering the same features as Chrome, but without compromising in privacy. It performs as fast as Chrome and accepts the same extensions, themes and add-ons. So, if you've used Google Chrome before, you won't see any difference between the two. The main advantage of Iron is that it removes the tracking information and has a built-in adblocker.
On the other side, Iron has its minuses too. It lacks some built-in elements such as PDF Viewer or Flash Player. Also, updates are released rarely and there is no auto-update feature.

Andreea Tigita
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  • Secure
  • Private
  • Fast


  • No PDF Viewer of Flash Player
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