SpotInside 1.0

Quickly search for words within your disk documents with SpotInside.
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SpotInside is an application that allows users to search within the contents of their files. It is the ideal tool for those who have a huge document collection. With SpotInside, you will be able to locate any text content in just a matter of seconds.

The utility has an intuitive and simple to use layout. All you need to do is to type in the data you want to look for. SpotInside will then provide a list of files that match your search criteria, comprehensively highlighted. The interface includes a document pre-viewer. This makes it possible to quickly browse through the contents of any files.

The Flow view provides an elegant way of navigating through the results, triggered by pressing either arrow keys or mouse scroll. It may run in full-screen mode.

SpotInside saves all past searches so that you can access the results even faster.

The query format is based on presets. You can use one of the three presets available (search text content, metadata, all files and metadata) or type in one of your own.

SpotInside runs fast, it is thoroughly accurate and free to use.

Rory Shaffer
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