Solitaire Plus

Solitaire Plus 3.3

A collection of games including 30 variations of Solitaire.

Solitaire Plus! is a collection of card games. In this respect, it includes 30 solitaire variations, such as Klondike, Pyramid, FreeCell, Spider and many others I had not heard of before. There is a sort of dashboard that provides access to not only the games mentioned but also help, statistics and game options. Unfortunately, the dashboard is not as attractive as it should be.

I know there are many Solitaire card games out there, and this one is not so different. Of course, it keeps the rules of the original games and automatically blocks any attempt to break them. Likewise, you can receive tips on possible moves when you feel stuck. It also keeps a history of all your moves, so you can undo or redo any of your actions.

In terms of design, Solitaire Plus! has one of the most realistic card sets. Luckily, you can change card backs, with the possibility of using a custom image from an external file. Moreover, card animation is smooth without the choppy movements you may experience with other similar games. Besides cards, there are other aspects you can configure, which include sounds, speed and background.

There is the possibility of using a game number to select a specific game. So, you can compete against your friends on the same game. I know that this game collection is about Solitaire, so it is supposed to be played alone. However, including some multiplayer card games could provide extra excitement.

All in all, Solitaire Plus! can satisfy the demands of card game lovers. As it always happens, many people may simply hate it, just because they do not like board games. Fortunately, this product is free to try and there is a household license that allows everyone in your family to play at no additional cost.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Includes multiple Solitaire variations
  • Realistic and customizable cards
  • Smooth animations
  • Allows customizing sounds and visual appearance
  • Allows choosing a specific game number


  • Unattractive dashboard
  • No multi-player games
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