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Snippets Lite is an application that saves time when you type.
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Snippets Lite is an application that saves time when you type. The app lets you create snippets of text that can help you a lot when you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again. Snippets work like this: you create a snippet and assign a shortcut to it. Whenever you type the shortcut, it will be replaced by the contents of the snippet. For example, if you find yourself typing "for example" quite a lot, you can create a snippet that will replace "frx" with "for example". You can even create one with a capital "F" if you want. The Snippets can hold placeholders that work like variables. With those, you can insert the current date in a variety of formats, for example (this "for example" was automatically replaced by Snippets Lite).

In my testing, I added a few Snippets and then I tested them on different applications. The application worked flawlessly on and Chrome. I didn't play with placeholders or any of the advanced settings, because I lack imagination, but calling snippets from the MenuBar and by using the text shortcuts worked like a charm.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • You can customize snippets with different formatting and even add placeholders


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