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Access, store, create, and organize snippets on your Mac.
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Store and manage your code snippets for an extensive array of languages. Generate snippets from selected text in any app or on any web page, search your snippets using a few keystrokes, synchronize the application with MobileMe to always have access to your snippets, etc.

This is a fully re-written version of Snippet. Reworked to be even easier to use and more simplistic. Still fully keyboard navigable.
Snippet is a fast, friendly, and easy to use code snippet manager that allows you to store your snippets of code for wide variety of languages.
A few of the great features:
- Easily create Snippets from selected text anywhere
- Sync Snippet with MobileMe so you always have your snippets
- Creating new snippets only takes seconds
- Search your snippets instantly with a few keystrokes
- Never have to leave the keyboard
Please keep is mind that we are starting over with this version of Snippet and we hope you'll stick with us as we keep improving it over time as we have with Snippet 1. Thanks to everyone who has continued to support us!

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