SnackBar Organizer

SnackBar Organizer 8.8

Run snack bars with point-of-sales tool.
8.8 (See all)

SnackBar Organizer is a fast point-of-sales. Enjoy this user-friendly software. Just click on buttons to process an order or navigate from file to file. Spend your time selling your meals not wondering how to control them. Training your employees will take you 10 minutes, no more!
SnackBar Organizer is the perfect tool to expedite rush orders. This product is ideal for restaurants, arenas, ball parks and schools. Use a touch screen or click on buttons to select products and you are done! Up to 90 items can be set up on the Invoicing pages. You decide what button will look up with your items. Need more? Buy SnackBar Organizer XT and operate the 180-items version.
What's new in this version:
Improved Item Entry User-friendly Interface Set Delivery Fees based on locations

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