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SMS Plus 1.3

SMS Plus is a Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator.

SMS Plus is a Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator. For those of you who haven't played either of these systems, let me tell you a bit about them. The Sega Master System was a third-generation video game console. It was a direct competitor to the NES. The Game Gear was Sega's first hand-held game console, and a direct competitor to the Gameboy/Gameboy Color. There have been some great games released for both of these systems. I owned the Game Gear and recently gave it away, but great memories came to me when I ran this emulator and played some of the games that I owned back then. When I first run it, the application asked me to load a ROM image, which is a file that contains the game. After finding the file on my Mac, the emulator started playing the game. My first test was with Robocop vs Terminator, which run just the way I remembered. You will see the credits before you run the game and then you start with a training mission. Both the graphics and the sounds were emulated quite accurately. The controls, which can be customized from the Preferences window, were pretty accurate as well. You control the game with the arrow keys and the Ctrl, Shift and Intro keys.

From the Preferences window, you can configure a lot about the emulation process. You can change the frame rate, the size of the effects and even change the aspect ratio.

In conclusion, SMS Plus, being able to play both Game Gear and Sega Master System games, is a great emulator to have if you like playing those old games. It is lightweight and it works like a charm.

José Fernández
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