SmartMemoryCleaner 2.3

Improve the performance of your Mac by optimizing the system's RAM usage.

As the name implies, SmartMemoryCleaner is an app that monitors the RAM usage of the system and allows customers to optimize it by clearing the cache, tracking the application states or setting processes' optimal parameters.

The application doesn't have a standard GUI, but more of a minimal interface, located in the top toolbar. Therefore, it misses skin themes or any graphical customizations, but it impresses through its easy menu navigation and high buttons responsiveness.

As per its functions, the app provides individuals in-depth information about the state of the system and the ability to execute automatic cleaning based on that information.
Furthermore, it has a feature that displays Notifications after cleaning the memory. Users can also view information about the program's license and deactivate a license for the current Mac.

Last but not least, the look of the icons from the system tray can be changed and also the refresh interval of information about memory usage.

To sum it up, SmartMemortCleaner is a decent tool for improving the performance of macOS systems, but it comes with a pretty high price, compared to its competitors.

John Saunders
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  • Has an easy menu navigation
  • Provides info about the system's state
  • Supports automatic cleaning


  • Comes with a high price
  • Has a minimal interface
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