Slink 1.9

Remotely access home networks, watch movies and listen to iTunes songs
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Connect to your home network and gain access to media content. Activate the applications that play music and video, transfer, copy, modify and remove files on home Mac and Time Capsule devices, etc. The tool features app access restrictions for safety.

Slink is the easy and secure way to remotely connect to your home network. All shared services on your home network automatically appear in the Finder, iTunes, iPhoto, and other applications, just as they do at home. With Slink you are always connected to your home network.
Some of the key features that sets Slink apart from the competition are:
- Easy to set-up with very little configuration
- Remote access to all Macs and Bonjour services on your home network
- Based on rock solid UNIX SSH technology and all traffic is secured using strong encryption
- Secure browsing to protect against threats when using WiFi hotspots
- Remotely connect to many home networks simultaneously
- Support for proxies to allow remote connections from locked down corporate networks
- Connection Doctor and Firewall Buster to help troubleshoot connectivity issues
Slink supports almost all applications that use Apple's Bonjour technology, including:
- iTunes Home Sharing
- iPhoto Sharing
- Screen Sharing
- File Sharing
- Print Sharing

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