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Sleep Display 2.1

Sends your monitor to sleep while Mac continues running background tasks
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Sends your monitor to sleep while your Mac continues running background tasks, like downloading some content or copying data to a USB driver. Comes with easy-to-configure tweaks, reduces your energy consumption and uses minimum CPU resources while operating in your Dashboard.

Sleep Display is a utility that enables you to put your monitor to sleep while your Mac continues running background tasks. This program also comes as a solution for reducing your energy consumption, thus, saving money on monthly expenses.

The tool proves to be of good use if you're the type of user who often leaves the computer complete various tasks while you're not around it, such as downloading content from the Internet, burning DVDs, etc. Sleep Display features easy-to-configure settings, uses minimum CPU resources while operating in your Dashboard, and comes without a price.

However, in my testing, the program didn't work 100%. To be more exact, nothing happened when I enabled the Sleep option. Also, the Settings window didn't look too well (the text content was cramped and indecipherable). The reason might be the fact that I used a 10.12 Mac computer. On the homepage of the developer it says that the utility is compatible with 10.4 OS X or later.

Another thing you need to consider, especially if you use macOS 10.12, is that you already have access to options to quickly put your display to sleep. These settings can be found in the System Preferences panel. You can also hit the Control + Shift + Eject keys to immediately put your display to sleep.

All in all, this program might come in handy to people who use old Mac OS X versions on their computers. You should give it a try if you're this type of Mac user.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Helps you reduce energy consumption
  • Features easy-to-configure settings


  • macOS already provides you with a solution
  • Doesn't work properly on macOS 10.12
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