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The bones of the skull: In this study: Anatomy of the human skull...
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The bones of the skull:
In this study: Anatomy of the human skull, showing each and every one of its parts, function, disease activity and possible human skull.
In 3D, you can see the human skull from every angle, digitized, with each of its parts, pin pointing, touching and open information.
By touching these pins, you can focus specifically on that part of the human skull, with illustrations, graphics, photos and detailed information about the area of the anatomy of the human skull.
The human skull can rotate in all directions, just drag your finger across the screen,
It may also be able to zoom in or zoom out to see specific parts, textures, colors, Dimensions and so on.
these medical applications are focused on the fields of study, education and medicine in general, students, especially doctors, for schools and universities.
And in an interactive, you will learn body parts and human anatomy.
Of course, you can use within the family, children or friends to interact and learn.

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