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Free A LaTeX frontend you can use to create technical and scientific documentation.
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Benito van der Zander,Jan Sundermeyer
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Texstudio is intended to create documents and presentations. Basically, it is a LaTeX frontend, which makes it quite powerful, especially if you frequently produce technical and scientific documentation.

The application looks quite similar to other LaTex editors. Most of the screen is used for displaying the raw code, and you can use tabs to work on various documents simultaneously. Likewise, there are panels to explore components and a log of your operations. Optionally, you can open a preview pane as well.

This tool can have a steep learning curve if you do not know LaTeX. However, there are various features that could help you flat that curve a little. For instance, there are wizards for new documents and presentations, which give you the chance to pick any of multiple templates. Definitely, not needing to start from scratch is a long step forward.

However, the best thing about Texstudio is that you do not have to memorize LaTeX commands. For instance, the tool helps you by making suggestions and completing commands automatically. Likewise, it supports syntax highlighting.

There are other features that allow you to write your documents more easily and accurately. In this regard, the tool can check your spelling as you type. Moreover, it verifies your references and supports keeping a bibliography database. It is similarly quite convenient that it supports version control (SVN) and lets you manage different profiles. Finally, it is also possible to preview the results in PDF or PS format at any moment. more

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  • Autocompletion
  • Syntax-highlighting
  • Version control
  • Multiple templates and document-creation wizards
  • Reference check
  • Spell check
  • Supports bibliography
  • Realtime preview


  • May fail to provide appropriate feedback about some errors related to format compatibility and the absence of certain extra packages on your system


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