Silverlock 2.1

This program helps you store private info in one place.

Silverlock is an effective program designed for Mac users who need to store all their personal information in one place. The application encrypts personal data, like web login credentials, bank account details, software license keys, notes containing private info, and many others.

This utility allows you to create multiple vaults (personal, work, etc.) where you can store all the information you wish to keep private. An important advantage is that the program uses a powerful encryption algorithm (industry standard 256-bit AES), hence no unauthorized user can access the data you're storing within Silverlock.

Another good aspect is that you can configure the app to automatically clear your clipboard history and lock your vault after a certain amount of time (these options can be enabled from the Preferences menu of the app).

My only concern is that the developers don't provide you with assistance in case you forget the master password. So I'd suggest you to type an easy to remember access password to avoid losing the private info stored within Silverlock.

All in all, Silverlock proves to be a reliable solution for keeping your private info in one place. The application is very simple to use, brings you plenty of useful features, and keeps your data protected from prying eyes.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Straightforward interface
  • Helps you store valuable and personal info in one place
  • Uses powerful encryption algorithms (industry standard 256-bit AES)
  • Brings an integrated password generator


  • The developers don't provide you with a solution if you forget the master password
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