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A surveillance system with powerful motion-detection features.
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Sighthound Video is a surveillance system with powerful motion-detection features. It has a straightforward interface and it is unlikely that you have difficulty to use, even if you do not have much experience with this type of application. In this regard, it is good that you can add new cameras in a wizard style. In a similar way, it can be set to detect specific types of objects. Fortunately, there is extensive help documentation for your questions.

Despite its merits for having a user-friendly interface, what is really great about Sighthound Video is “under the hood”. Unlike other similar products, this app uses complex computer vision models that allow it to discriminate objects from people. Regrettably, although it is much better than simple motion detection, there may still be false positives.

Thus, instead of continuously recording everything, which requires a lot of storage space, this tool only starts to record when a motion event is detected. Fortunately, the video signal can be made available remotely so you can personally monitor it from wherever you may be. It is also possible to upload footage to your favorite Cloud storage. Similarly, you can receive alerts when an unusual event is detected.

The application records high-definition video in MP4 format. Likewise, it is possible to review the recordings at a later time and, for this purpose, there are convenient filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. This may save you from watching endless footage material.

All in all, Sighthound Video is a good choice for keeping an eye on your properties. Even though motion detection algorithms commonly require a lot of system resources, this does not seem to happen with this tool, which allows you to continue using your computer without limitations. This product is available in several licenses: Starter, Basic, Home and Pro. In this regard, the Starter license is free. Still, you can try the Pro license for 14 days at no cost.

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  • Powerful motion detection algorithm
  • Remote access to video signal
  • Uploads footage to the Cloud
  • Allows using rules
  • Various filtering options
  • High-definition video support


  • False positives are still possible
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