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Siege Hero HD is a physics-based arcade game for the Mac. The objective is to destroy your enemies level after level. You are in control of a catapult which you use to throw rocks at enemy structures. The game is played from a first-person perspective, so you won't see yourself or the catapult. To shoot, you can simply click on where you want the rock to hit, which makes aiming quite easy. After a few levels, you unlock a telescope that makes aiming more precise. To use it, you can simply click and hold, and you will see a zoomed view of your target in the top-right corner of the screen. The levels are completed when you kill all the enemies. Your score will depend on how fast you killed the enemies and the number of rocks that you used.

Siege Hero HD has excellent graphics, good music and sound effects. It also has a whole lot of levels. There are four different maps with 63 levels each. That is a lot of gameplay time. Each level is harder than the previous one and there are unlockable weapons and aids that you can use to crush your enemies.

In conclusion, Siege Hero HD is a nice game with great graphics. It is easy to play, not too challenging and it offers over 10 hours of gameplay.

José Fernández
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