ShowHiddenFiles 2.0

showHiddenFiles allows you to show or hide the files on your Mac.

ShowHiddenFiles is a free and easy-to-use Mac application that was designed to help you hide or reveal special files that you have stored on your system. Even though you can do this with the help of the Terminal application, it might get a bit complicated or annoying having to write the code every single time you want to hide or show your files.

Not only that ShowHiddenFiles allows you to show or hide special files with just a click of a mouse, but you can also use this application to make any desired file or folder visible or invisible. In order to do that, simply drag and drop the files and folders to the middle part of the interface (or you can provide their paths) and select one of the two available options: turn them into visible or invisible. This way, you can easily protect your important files or documents from other users in a very simple manner.

Overall, if you are ever in need of an easy-to-use Mac application that can help you make your special files as well as any other file or folder visible or invisible, then you might want to give ShowHiddenFiles a try.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Very easy to use
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Low system requirements


  • It doesn't provide access to many setting options
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