Shade 3D 14.1

Generate and customize various 3D models.
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Create 3D models of all kinds of objects and improve them. Work with rendering options, change the shape, texture, and reflections. Base a new project on imported data in 2D, such as illustrations, digital photos, etc. Control lighting parameters and arrange cameras.

3D Creation: Model, Render and Animate
Create your own models using your imagination, import existing models, or import in 2D illustrations or digital photos to generate 3D models. Light your scene, arrange your cameras - then render! Use 3D modeling tools to build organic, curved models as well as mechanical and architectural designs. Shade gives you the tools; you provide the imagination. Shade is scalable to projects of any size - great art, film or game content development.
With its original release in 1986 in Japan, Shade is one of the oldest, most consistently used professional 3D products available today on Mac OS X and Windows.
Register on to access 2 GB of Shade content and ShadeGrid Rendering Server.
Shade Standard or Professional edition is also available with a number of powerful features (displacement mapping, volumetric material, toon rendering, physics animation or so). See App URL for additional information.
Shade Modeling Tools
* build models using curved surface, polygon mesh, meta-ball and boolean modeling tools
* import illustrations and build models out from them as templates
* use digital photos to generate objects based on the real world
Shade Materials and Surface Tools
* create surfaces with unlimited layers of materials, textures
* import unlimited texture maps as parallax bump maps
* use projection mapping to set up your materials
Scene Set Up Tools
* unlimited number of custom, static, animated cameras
* control the quality of shadow rendering
* beautiful, realistic volumetric lighting, support for negative lights
* camera control with tilt, video safe zones
Outstanding Rendering and Animation
* brilliant radiosity and global illumination rendering support
* 32/64/128 bit depth with color correction; HDRI image support
* Object transformation animation, morphing and camera animation support
* 3D sound object renders stereo sounds with doppler effect
* real 3D stereoscopic rendering and exporting as .mpo (for Stereoscopic 3D TV)
Share with Other Applications
* share with COLLADA compatible applications
* import SketchUp models
* import Poser® figure with animation
* export Wavefront OBJ file to corroborate with other 3D tools
* import/export as QuickTime movies
* export QTVR panorama cubic-panorama and object movie
* import Adobe Illustrator files(.eps) for conversion into 3D
For more details of Shade 3D features and it's differences compare to other levels of Shade, please see the comparison table at
Get Shade 3D mobile for Free
* Pocket companion software to bring your 3D files to iPhone and iPad with Shade 3D mobile for iOS! Check Shade 3D mobile on iTunes App Store.

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