Sesamouse 1.2

Sesamouse adds multi-touch gestures to your Magic Mouse.

Sesamouse adds multi-touch gestures to your Magic Mouse. This apps allows you to enhance your user experience with the Apple Magic Mouse by adding a few more multi-touch gestures and letting you configure some others that are already available for the device.

The app consists of two elements. The first one is a virtual mouse. It shows your fingers on the device in real-time. So if you place to fingers on your Magic Mouse, you will see two blue dots moving around on your computer screen. The real functionality comes from the Preferences menu on the Menubar. From here, you can activate or deactivate the new gestures. These are pinch to zoom, rotate and swipe. From the "Actions" tab, you can change the default actions for an upward and downward swipe. You can set these swipes to call up dashboard, exposé, spaces or to show the desktop. Sesamouse gestures will only be detected if both fingers start in the middle part of the mouse.

If you own a Magic Mouse, trying Sesamouse could help you bring some speed into your workflow, especially if you need to manipulate images using your mouse. The developers claim that not all apps will support these gestures and that new updates to the OS might break the app.

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