SensorX 1.1

Monitor Mac hardware temperature and prevents overheating.
1.1 (See all)
Control the work of cooling devices in your Mac. Identify the compatible devices such as fans of liquid cooling systems, then monitor the current temperature of boards. The utility automatically increases the output of hardware of shuts down the system if the heat values rich a critical point.

SensorX watches actual and historical temperature extremes for all processor cores.
• sound/message alert if a temperature gets too hot
• watches your CPU temperature
• shows current min and max temperatures of CPU cores
• shows past and average temperatures
• runs silently in menu bar
• low CPU and memory overhead
• configurable display modes and alerts
• configurable update frequency
• support for Growl notifications
NOTE: If you encounter 'No sensor' message, -128 C or constant temperature, please contact our technical support to resolve the issue.

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