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Share documents and folders with just a few clicks.
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Send Anywhere is a utility designed to help you share data from your computer. You can use this program to send files from your Mac to your media devices, share documents with your coworkers, etc.
The tool features a user-friendly interface, supports drag-and-drop feature, and immediately completes any given task. You don't need to create and log into a personal account to share any files. All you have to do is drag-and-drop the files or folders you want to share onto the program's window. The utility will then provide you with a QR code and a sequence of numbers which you will need to send to the person you want to receive the data.

You also have the possibility to share your files via a download URL. Click the "Share Link" button, copy the URL to your clipboard, and give it to anyone you want to get access to the files in question. It's that easy.

Another important advantage is that the files and folders you import for sharing are automatically encrypted using powerful algorithms.

The only bad aspect is that the files you share are available to download for a short period of time ( 48 hours maximum). Still, this isn't a big deal as you can always send the same documents or folders again, when the receiver can fetch your data.

Hence, Send Anywhere proves to be a reliable solution for sharing files and folders from your Mac. It's easy-to-use, allows you to send as much data as you need without paying a buck, and works flawlessly.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Localized in multiple languages
  • Keeps a history log
  • The data you share is encrypted


  • The files you share are available to download for a limited period of time
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