SEM V 2.13

Adds analog Oberheim Synthetizer sounds to musical compositions.
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Developed by Arthuria, SEM V is a musical tool that integrates an Oberheim Synthtizer Expander Module, a utility widely appreciated by many musicians across the globe.
Though it is a software representation of the physical tool, it manages to recreate with clarity the original sound and graphic design. Inside the program, users will find neatly crafted designs and technical options. Despite its innovative look, the menu does sometimes feel laggy, but it probably depends on the system. The high memory usage is, however, a certainty.

When you start to use SEM V, you discover an advanced Keyboard Follow module that is compatible with iSEM Preset, both for import and export. It includes 20 new factory presets from Ian Boddy, 21 new factory presets from Erik Narlander and 35 new factory presets from Richard Courtel.

Moving on, it comes with some new functionalities, such as a Sub oscillator, on-board effects, LFO, Arpeggiator, and Portamento. Moreover, the sustain pedal is now active on all systems.

To sum it up, like all the instruments from the V Collection, SEM V is a beautifully crafted utility that integrates lots of innovative features. It may come at a high price, but it is worth every cent.

JS Senior editor
John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Has an advanced Keyboard Follow module
  • Includes lots of new factory presets
  • Integrates on-board effects


  • The price seems high
  • Consumes a high amount of CPU memory
  • The menu may feel laggy



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