ScribeDOOR for Illustrator CS4

Illustrator CS4 users who need to use Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Indian language.
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Enrich the functionalities of Adobe Illustrator and increase the impact of your work. ScribeDOOR adds the ability to edit and treat text in 21 complex languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and many Indian scripts. It can be installed, as a plug-in, in all Roman versions of Illustrator CS4 (US, International English, French, Italian, Czech, Polish,...)*. Share your work easily thanks to ScribeDOOR's compatibility The files created with Adobe Illustrator CS4 and ScribeDOOR are fully compatible with any version of Illustrator. Once a work has been created in Illustrator with ScribeDOOR, it is able to be opened and viewed in Illustrator CS4 standard versions (US, International English, French, Italian, Czech, Polish,...) by another user without installing ScribeDOOR. Use up to 21 languages in Adobe's powerful design program at once ScribeDOOR allows you to edit and work in one or several of the following languages at the same time: Arabic, Azeri, Bengali, Farsi, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer/Cambodian, Lao,



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