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Free It solves and displays as graphs simple and complex mathematical expressions.
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SciCa is a scientific calculator that helps you solve both simple and complex mathematical expressions. In addition, it provides graphical displays of two-dimensional functions.
The interface is clean and intuitive, providing you with the right means to compute both basic and advanced mathematical expressions. The formulas can be entered using either the keyboard or the numeric pad of the application. The result of the expression you entered in the input field will be displayed in the output panel along with the original formula. The graphical representation of two-dimensional functions can be customized from the "Preferences" dialog. You can select custom colors for the chart's background and line traces. Furthermore, you are able to adjust the range of "x" and "y" axis, and you can choose whether to display the grid and the legend of your chart or to keep it hidden. The application displays up to five most-used functions on the list box, so that you can select them with ease. The calculator lets you analyze the characteristic points of the displayed functions – namely, you can determine the roots and the "turning points” of each two-dimensional function.

With a clear approach and a proper design, SciC works as an electronic calculator that supports functions for both algebra and trigonometry. Its ability to graph input data enlarges its functionality.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Computes complex mathematical expressions
  • Error notification when a formula is mistyped
  • Graphical representation of two-dimensional functions
  • Chart's components support adjustments
  • Nice design


  • None that I could find



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