Save Our Souls 1.0

Free A first-person survival shooter with 5 weapons and teddy-bear alien hordes.
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Django Cass
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Save Our Souls is a first-person survival shooter that situates the player on an alien planet with incoming hordes of hostile aliens. The player has five ammo-based weapons to dispose of the aliens, which resemble teddy bears made out of building blocks, but which nonetheless spew blood upon death.

The enemies are pretty nondescript, lacking a walk animation and varying only in color. Even their "hostile" behavior is merely moving toward the player and hurting him when they're in contact. What makes this game interesting is the environment and your methods of destruction. The days are only minutes long (plausible enough, I suppose, for an alien planet), putting the player in the situation of fending off largely unseen enemies at nighttime once they've survived a well-lit day. Whether with a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, or one of the other weapons, it's relatively easy to pick aliens off in the earlier levels, but beware running out of ammo away from a resupply point!

Sam's Protip: Get to know the map. Your ability to control enemy movement and resupply without getting cornered will depend on it.

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Sam Lloyd
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  • Expansive environment
  • Fun weapons
  • Moderate difficulty


  • Simplistic enemies
  • Limited backstory
  • Confusing ammo system



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