Safe Place

Safe Place 2.2

Protect, store, and manage sensitive data.
Organize a storage database for sensitive information such as authentication credentials, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Add the items as individual entries in the customizable list-like structure, edit them at will after confirming access rights, hide or lock specific content.

Safe Place is an application designed to securely store your passwords, credit card numbers, software registration numbers, or any other information you want to keep handy and safe from prying eyes.
Safe Place organizes your information into categories, which you can completely customize. We've preconfigured Safe Place with seven common categories. You can change or delete these, and create more of your own. Each category can have from one to forty custom fields. The fields can be grouped into sets to make them easy to manage.
Safe Place stores your data in an encrypted format, and uses your password as the encryption key. Your data can only be viewed using this password.

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