Rohos Logon Key 3.5

Replaces password-based authentication with hardware-based keys.
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Rohos Logon Key lets you use different methods to unlock your computer, replacing traditional password-based authentication. In this respect, in addition to using a USB flash drive, the tool also supports mobile devices and YubiKey OTP tokens. Moreover, it allows using a combined method of hardware and PIN protection. The application has a straightforward interface, since all the options are available from various buttons on the main screen.

Rohos Logon Key supports using any USB flash drive as a key. Besides, since it uses the key’s onboard serial number, there is no need to write or keep any information on the drive, which means that you can use even Mac-unsupported devices. Thus, after setting a USB drive, you can unlock your computer by simply inserting the key. Likewise, the system automatically closes as soon as you extract the device.

In the case of mobile devices, the application supports automatically unlocking your system when the device is connected to your computer via Bluetooth or WiFi connections. Similarly, your computer locks by itself as soon as you turn off the connection or walk away. Various types of devices, such as iPhones, Apple Watches and even Android portable devices, can be used.

It would be good if the application allowed keeping a log of lock and unlock events as well as of the methods used. Moreover, in multi-user environments, it could also allow configuring different keys for different people with access to the system.

All in all, Rohos Logon Key can provide extra protection to the data you store on your computer. The product is free to try and, if it works for you, it is quite easy to purchase a license.

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  • Allows various methods to unlock your computer
  • Supports using USB keys even if they are not supported by Mac
  • Permits a combined method of hardware key and PIN
  • Supports using WiFi connections


  • Does not keep a log of lock and unlock events


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