Ripcorder Cam 1.1

Monitor and record the videos from Mac webcams.
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Capture video transmitted with the webcam connected to a Mac. Create a file in one of the common formats for saving, storing, and accessing the video offline. Share the screen during a recording in FaceTime/iSight and capture all activity. The utility works with multiple camera models.

Ripcorder Cam lets you capture and record your mac's webcam video, and share your screen on webcam. Using Ripcorder Cam, you can make movies using either webcams (such as mac's FaceTime/iSight camera) or on-screen activity of your mac. You can use Ripcorder Cam to, for instance, create demo movies of mac’s screen activities.
With a free driver download, Ripcorder Cam can also be used to do screen sharing with your online chat partners. Simply select "Ripcorder Cam" as your webcam from your online chat app (such as iChat / Messages, FaceTime, Messages, or Skype), and your chat partner will see live screen capture from their side.
Since Ripcorder Cam is a virtual webcam, your chat partner sees your screen as if it comes from a real webcam. No special software is required from their side.
Ripcorder Cam can be used as a simple screen sharing tool during online troubleshooting. Or you can simply use it to share any fun activities (photos, movies, etc) on your desktop with your chat partners.
* Quick access from mac’s status icons.
* Share full screen or select an area on screen to share.
* Live sharing with minimal delay.
* Multi-display support.
* Capture whatever is on your desktop regardless of format.
* High resolution capture in HD 720p (1280x720).
* Option to highlight mouse clicking.
* Option to flip the screen from left to right

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