ResizeIt 3.7

This app helps you resize and convert images with ease.
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ResizeIt is a simple Mac application designed to help you change the resolution of your favorite images. This particular type of programs comes in handy when you wish to create a photo collage or a screensaver and you need the pictures to fit a certain size.

The first thing you need to do when launching this tool is select the input files. Once you complete this step, the program gives you access to four image resizing methods (by pixel, ratio, maximum size, and clip) and several photo adjustments (rotation, black and white effect, etc.).

An advantage of this app is the fact that it supports a wide variety of input formats, such as PNG, DNG, JPEG, TIFF, and many other.

However, I wouldn't recommend you this program mostly because it often fails to process the input files. Other users also encountered this issue as you can see on the homepage of the app. Furthermore, ResizeIt shuts down every time it completes a given task. I suggest you to look for more advanced apps if you require a truly capable image resizing tool.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports a wide range of image formats
  • Supports batch processing
  • Brings four image resizing methods
  • Lets you save output profiles for later use


  • The app shuts down once the conversion process is complete
  • Many times it fails to process the loaded files
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