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Araxis Replace In Files helps you find and replace text quickly, even across thousands of source code, HTML, XML or other text files.
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Replace In Files is a text search and replace utility. It can scan your files for a specific string of text and then replace it with some other text. This is very useful for many professionals. Two good examples that come to mind are translators and coders. A translator can simply replace a bad translation for a better one or replace a full sentence in a whole document. Coders can replace a whole string of code in an HTML file. One interesting feature is that Replace In Files lets you scan a complete directory for files that contain a certain text. This lets you easily replace text in a whole project instead of a single document.

The graphical user interface is very simple. The first step is to select the files or folders that you want to scan. Then, you can type the text that you want to find and what you want to replace it with. The app will then show you all the instances of the text that you scanned for and you can review the results.

There are some options that you can change. You can choose the file types that you want to scan for, and you can tell the app if your text is a regular expression or if it is case-sensitive.

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