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NOTE: VERSION 1.1 introduces some incompatibilities with Mac OS 10.7.
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NOTE: VERSION 1.1 introduces some incompatibilities with Mac OS 10.7. We would advise only 10.8 users purchase at this time. A fix is on the way. Sorry for any inconvenience.
RegexMatch lets developers create and test regular expressions on their Mac. RegexMatch generates code in several common languages, allowing you to reduce your development time.
Regular expressions are standardized text strings that explicitly describe a matching or replacement pattern for text. Regular expressions ("Regex" for short) are available in almost every programming language. Although regular expressions are very powerful ways to match and replace text, the syntax can be tricky; so we created RegexMatch to make it a little easier to develop and test expressions.
Features of RegexMatch:
1. Create regular expressions using well-known syntax
2. Quickly insert common regex snippets to simply expression entry.
3. Create and maintain regex Snapshots. As you create variations of your regular expressions, Snapshots let you save the current state so that you can get back to that point later. You can also use Snapshots to save regular expressions for common tasks.
4. Regex syntax highlighting - long expressions cane be difficult to read; so RegexMatch highlights the expression syntax for you.
5. Sample text markup - RegexMatch marks up your sample text continually in real-time so that you can see the effects of changes you make.
6. Export generated code in multiple languages - RegexMatch will general code for you and place it on the clipboard for you to paste into your IDE or favorite text editor.
RegexMatch supports code export in the following languages:
- Objective-C
- Perl
- Python
- Ruby
- Java
- JavaScript
If you like RegexMatch and have a language you'd like us to support, drop us a line.
NOTE: We use the ICU regex engine to parse expressions.

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  • Perl editor with syntax highlighting