Red Planet Farming 1.0

Free Produce food to feed a growing population of settlers on Mars.
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Red Planet Farming lets you become the first agricultural director of Mars. This casual strategy game tasks players with producing enough food to feed a growing population of settlers on the red planet. It is your job to ensure the survival of outposts across the planet by producing enough food to feed the growing population of scientists, researchers, and volunteers.

You can choose from a variety nutritious crops to plant, and protect them from the unforgiving Martian landscape with futuristic technology. Design and set up your farm as you like, then watch your crops flourish—or wilt—in the face of dust storms, radiation, meteor showers, and other hazards.

As the population of settlers grows, you’ll unlock new outposts in different regions of Mars to oversee. Each new region introduces new crops and technology to experiment with—and new challenges to overcome.

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