Records Master

Records Master 10.9

Organize and manage records files and data.
Collect important records, scan and organize receipts, instructions, etc. Generate a database of old and new records, update files manually and automatically, check the history of changes, track individual items, and view the entire collection at once.

Records Master (formerly Records Manager) is a secure file manager that allows you to collect important records (such as bank statements, credit card statements, investment records, bills, or receipts) or PDFs in a database and allow for: easy addition of new files (importing), organization of files in hierarchical folders, optional organization of files by date, easy access to existing files (browsing, finding, smart folders exporting, printing) the ability to associate notes with files or folders, the ability to associate attributes with files (e.g., cost) and produce reports based on those attributes, reminders to download, or scan in recurring records such as financial statements, (including an integrated website password-manager with advanced features to make it easy for you to go to websites to download the records), encrypting the database, and automatic or manual backup of the database.
Think of it as a replacement for a file cabinet but with easier filing and retrieval. You can also use it just to keep any files together...especially useful for PDFs.

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