Reconnector 3

Reconnector 3

Automatically mount file server volumes at system start up.
2.9.1 (See all)

Automatically mount file server volumes at system start up
Reconnector connects automatically to the correct file server and mounts the chosen volumes at startup. System requirements are a Power Macintosh with Mac OS 8, 9 or OS X.

Automatic reconnection
A common problem is when the file server you are logged onto disappears from the desktop. Reconnector solves that problem and reconnects you automatically as soon the file server is available. This is a big problem especially with standalone computers (Application servers) which should be connected to certain file servers to function properly.

Makes sure that applications startup and keeps them started
At startup it is common practice too have several applications launched after you have connected to the correct file server(s). Reconnector connects and launches the chosen applications. On top of that there is a useful function keeping those applications up and running. If a certain application terminates by mistake or by mistake or some malfunction, Reconnector will launch it again automatically.

As an alternative to the Chooser
Reconnector can also be used to connect to several file servers at once. By creating configurations for different users/groups, it is possible for these users/groups to log on at "their" specific file server in a user-friendly manner. This option suits users who travel a lot and need access to different file servers depending on their location. This is very practical for the PowerBook users who often let their PowerBooks sleep instead of shutting them down.

Security and easy to use
Reconnector is very easy to install, administrate and use. You can password protect your configurations. The login and password information is encrypted in such way that no one can move the configuration without the correct password.

Be notified by mail if a server volume disappears.

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