RCXLink 1.2

Allows operation of Lego Mindstorm RCX brick using REALbasic
1.2 (See all)

RCXLink is a REALbasic class that allows the operation of Lego Mindstorm RCX brick using REALbasic. RCXLink is not for programming the RCX, for this task you can use the RIS software included with Mindstorm (for Windows) or the excellent NQC language by Dave Baum (http://www.enteract.com/~dbaum/nqc/index.html).To use this class you need the Lego Mindstorm Robotics Invention System and a serial port adapter to connect the Lego IR tower to your Macintosh. Also it's neccesary you download the firmware to the RCX brick, the firmware is included in the Mindstorm CD. If you don't have a Windows machine (or Virtual PC) you can download the software using NQC. It's possible to make very cool things by creating two programs to cooperate, one built in REALBasic and another one in NQC. RCXLink class is implemented as a subclass of the RB serial control, to use it, drag the class to a window, give it a name and use this name to access the control properties and methods. Enjoy!I included a sample RB program to show you the use of the class.
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Some minor bug fixes.

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