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A powerful program that covers all the tasks of a company
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FileMaker Pro is a powerful and complex database management program. To cover a wide range of needs, FileMaker Pro comes with over 30 starter solutions such as event management, content management, contacts, expense report, inventory, meetings and many others that will help you start working on your projects right away. FileMaker Pro can help you tackle instantly any task.

FileMaker Pro helps you create detailed and eye catching reports that provide a beautiful representation of your data with the help of different chart styles such as bars, line, area or pie.

Invoices starter solution allows you to manage invoicing, customers and products list. It provides an inventory report where you can write about all the products, prices and other information. When you insert new data you just write in the report just like you would do while editing a spreadsheet.

If you have already written data, you can import many file formats such as Excel and others. In addition to this, FileMaker Pro allows you to insert images, videos and documents so you can have access to more details about a product.

With this program you can enter a customer name and the product that they purchased and the program will automatically searches for related products.

The program displays a "Search" function on the top left of the interface which helps you easily find information about any product.

The possibilities of this program are endless. You can browse webpages, toggle a map or share you reports.

In conclusion, FileMaker is a complex program that covers all the tasks of a company and that makes it a must have.

Abbie Crang
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