RAW Viewer

RAW Viewer 3.4

Visualize files in RAW format generated by Sony cameras.

RAW Viewer is intended for the visualization of Sony RAW files. In this respect, the tool is meant to open RAW files taken by Venice, F65, F55, F5 cameras as well as the NEX-FS700 camcorder. The application’s interface has a very professional look. It has various panels that can be moved to different positions or hidden altogether. What is more, it is possible to create new layouts, which you can reuse later. Unfortunately, the tool can take some time to understand, and to make things worse, there is no help documentation.

RAW Viewer can perform a wide range of operations related to RAW files. For instance, it lets you play back videos and view images. Moreover, you can use it to flip images and edit their metadata. It is also good that the application supports more specialized actions, like viewing histograms, control exposure, color balance and color temperature. The application comes also quite handy to export RAW files to other formats, such as SR files at 220Mbps in high resolution.

All in all, RAW Viewer allows viewing some file types that are not readily supported by other tools. On the one hand, it is good that it has been specially developed to work with images taken by Sony cameras. On the other hand, it is practically useless for other types of RAW files. Finally, I guess you will be glad to hear that this product is free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows saving interface layouts
  • Exports to HD video


  • Does not support opening RAW files taken by other types of cameras
  • Does not allow a wide range of operations
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