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Record animated GIF images and share them in the cloud.
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Gifox lets you record animations of your desktop or just a part of it. You may argue there are already many tools that can do this; however, what makes this one different is its output format. The program produces animated GIF, which you can use for many purposes, mostly to include animations on a webpage.

Fortunately, Gifox is quite easy to use. Actually, there will not be much to do after the initial setting. It is excellent that the tool can start automatically with the system and remain running from the bar, from where you can access it to change its configuration. The rest is just learning a couple of hotkey combinations: one to capture a custom screen region and the other to grab the currently active window.

The second half of this app’s job has to with sharing. In this respect, Gifox can save the recorded GIF not only to a standard folder but also to the cloud. It is good to know that such popular cloud storage services as Imgur, Dropbox and Google Drive are supported.

Although the default configuration is just fine, the app lets you achieve more personalized results by setting a different number of frames per second, downscaling the image, using a given compression level or limiting the number of colors. You should know that a smart adjustment of these parameters can produce an adequate balance between file size and picture quality.

In general, Gifox provides an unobtrusive way to record animated images from your desktop. The resulting files can be used for creating demonstrations and tutorials to be published online. The drawbacks of this product are inherited from those of the output format itself. For instance, it cannot record sound. Besides, it may generate larger files than those of similar quality and contents but stored in compressed video formats.

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  • Configurable output
  • Automatic sharing in the cloud
  • Supports using hotkey combinations


  • Cannot record sound
  • Larger size for similar contents and quality


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