Pipette 1.0

Pipette will help you grab the hex codes of your favorite colors.
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Pipette is a teeny-tiny piece of software that will help you grab the hex codes of your favorite colors.
As its name suggests, Pipette just picks up colors from the screen, detects their hex code and displays them on the screen. This will help you insert the code in some more comprehensive application, such as Adobe Photoshop.

There is nothing special about Pipette; it just does its job and that's it. You don't have to expect too much from this application, because it has only one function: the one of generating the hex code of any color from the screen. Yet, it does the job very well.

Small and simple, this tool can be easily lost on the screen, given the fact that it comes with a small-sized interface. But if you are in need of a such tool, you will find its only feature a very reliable one. It would have been nice to come with a few extra features and customization options, but, after all, it was designed to be a color grabber.

As you can imagine after seeing its simplicity, Pipette is distributed as a freeware application.

All in all, Pipette is a smart, accurate, reliable color picker tool that you should try using.

Josephine Seaman
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